Who Are you?

New to running

You are just starting your running journey, discovering the enjoyment and freedom of being outside and improving your fitness.

This is a great way to find out where you should focus your energy to maximise your training time, improve your understanding of training wisely and building your base level, improving your health and fitness. Generally you are building towards a 5k distance and running for health and fitness. 

You may be moving through the first phases having completed your first 5k and now be interested in improving your time and building your potential towards a quicker 5k time or possibly a long distance race. At this stage it can be so important to understand how you move so you can build the correct combination of training progression for the athlete in you.

Regular Runner

You have been running regularly for about a year or more, probably completing at least two plus runs per week. Enjoying your running you are keen to build towards longer distances, understand more about your running or are keen to improve your running speed.

This is a brilliant way to improve your training plans, sharpen up your sessions and build your running speed. The focus for you is building the next step and understanding how to be more effective with your time and energy. You may well be involved with multi-sport events too and are building up towards 10k runs, for fun or as a race event. It is also possible you are building your race distamce and are now looking at running your first half or full marathon and would like more help to get you to the start line in good shape.

You are focused on building your speed to see if you can achieve a new PB and understand that requires more than just changing your training programme. Running faster now requires more understanding of your biomechanics, your strengths and weaknesses and working towards building a better athlete. You will be aiming to run faster 5k and 10k times while possibly taking on the distance challenges of either a half or full marathon.