About Training Programmes

Our team of running experts have put together a number of training programmes to help you achieve your goals. Our programmes are currently focused on improving the structure and mix of your training sessions to help your body develop and allow you to be ready for race day.

The team are also working on building HR specific training plans for the sessions to help those looking to build a longer racing programme developed around building a better base level for consistent progress and development over a longer period of time.

We have a number of different training programmes available, here you will gain access to our starter programme, building you towards your first 5k run and our training programmes for 5k runners, with our questionnaire making sure you will be matched to the right programme for your current level.

Building from scratch

If you are just starting your running journey then it is important to get a programme that allows your body to adapt to the changes required as you begin to run more. It takes time to build tissue tolerance and develop the muscle strength and stability to allow you to progress your running while continuing to enjoy your new activity.

This plan is great to get you into good habits from the start and imbed these into your training for the long term benefits of you and your body. The main objective is to follow the plan, it is too easy to try and jump ahead, each step has its place in the journey.

This programme is a fantastic place to start if you are recovering from an injury. If you are injured you suddenly are not a runner so please make sure you have completed the right steps before you begin your training plan.

5k Programmes

There are a number of 5k programmes available and through the initial questionnaire you will complete the algorithm will match you to the best programme for you and your current level of running fitness.

Over time you can complete more challenging programmes and that will happen as you develop your strength, stability, mobility, stamina and running technique. Developing fitness and eventually speed is a process and trying to skip steps now will only hold you up later in your progress, which can become frustrating.

Your programme will come through in three blocks of four weeks in each block, allowing you to focus on a shorter period to begin with and then develop and test your progress as you move through the training programme.

Enjoy improving your running, and becoming a better athlete.