Dealing with runners is often more complex and time consumming than we realise. Essentially the initial phase of removing their pain is a straight forward step for most clinicians.

However, once we move towards the challenge of getting a runner back to running the complexity of poor technique, various training plans and their biomechanics that have developed and influence their form further make this a treturious step to take. Often we find, as clinicans, we spend time taking two steps forwards to then need to take one step back again, as issues arise.

Running Logic is designed to help guide you and your athletes through this next phase helping you identify the right areas to address and control their progress effectively. Getting your clients back to running effectively with a better foundation in place.

Building Stronger Runners


Running is a great and simple sport, which is why it is a hobby, fitness tool and performance option for so many people around the world today. It is easy to pick up the trainers and go for a run, in the fresh air and get away from your busy working week.

The unfortunate connection to running is that it also accounts for a huge number of injuries that we see in our clinics each year, and most are impatient to get back to their running as quickly as possible.

As clinicians we are all to aware of the movement faults and technical flaws that are probably increasing their injury risk, along with poor training plans. This is where Running Logic can help you and all your runners, targeted at helping with the final step of getting back to running but taking them all the way through to improve performance gains too and help reduce injury risk.

Improve Form, Biomechanics & Movement Patterns

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Take our FREE quiz to discover your running potential. We’ll check five different aspects of your running fitness – and in return you’ll get an accurate assessment of your current level, and some great tips on how to improve.

return to running programme

Remove Pain, Build their Foundation & Return to Running

Running Logic have built a Return to Running programme for each and every runner. It guides them through three phases of a walk run programme, that builds intensity and is carefully managed for them. Essentially they can manage their progress and pacing, using pain as a guide if it returns but stopping them from going to fast too soon. So they build tissue tolerance for their long term recovery.

Injury Management

Injury Management – What is that injury?

Being injured as a runner is no fun at all. Not understanding what the injury is and what you should do about it becomes a huge frustration, one that affects many runners. Our injury management system will take you through the key questions to help you get to the bottom of your injury diagnosis. Armed with that information you can start to improve your management plan and get back to the sport you enjoy.

running blog

Pulling together all the information you need to train

The key is that the information you read you can instantly put into
practice. That is our goal, to make sure you learn and can adapt how you train, how you run and how you look after your body to maximise your results.

The RL Blog is designed to help answer your questions, so please send us your ideas so we can really target you the runner with information you need.