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New Runner membership

Just starting out? Get your running journey off to the right start with expert advice and top tips.

Sign up for our FREE membership account and join a community of new runners.


What's Included?

What You Get:

  • New Runner Quiz – to find the right programme for you
  • Individualised Top Tips from your Quiz
  • Walk Run Programme (our couch to 5k)
  • 5k Running Programmes
  • Running Technique Tips
  • Healthy Nutritional Tips
  • Injury Management Advice
  • Strava Community Access & Challenges
  • Relevant Product Reviews

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Running logic club membership

Taking you running to the next level. No matter the distance you run if your focus is performance improvement our running experts are here to help you.

Whether you are looking to run your first marathon or complete a triathlon, our RL Club membership gives you the support you need to improve your performance. Only £4.95/month.

What's Included?

What You Get:

  • ALL New Runner Membership Access Plus the following
  • Foundation & Performance Running Assessment
  • Running Logic Exercise Series
  • Running Injury Assessment Tool
  • Individualised Running Development Programmes
  • Training Programmes from 10k to Marathon
  • Blog on Injury Management & Science of Running
  • Power to Run Series
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Bespoke membership

Our Bespoke section is designed to help you get the individual attention you need to achieve your goals and plans. The input from one of our team who can build a picture of your specific needs, allowing them to target your training or rehabilitation. This will allow you to be put on the correct pathway to success, whether it is injury management or performance gains that you are looking for. There are 3 bespoke package options starting from £59.95/ month.

Option 1: Personal Running Coach £59.95/month

What You Get:

  • Running Video Analysis & Report
  • Individualised Top Technique Tips & Training
  • Test Week & Session Planning
  • Programme Design in 4 week blocks
  • Programme Design for 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon distances
  • Planning for Triathlon Programmes
  • Monthly 20 minute Online Review with your Running Coach
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Option 2: Online Physiotherapy Injury Management

What You Get:

  • Initial Physiotherapy Assessment (45 mins)
  • Clear Diagnosis & Injury Information
  • Home Exercise Programme with videos for clarity
  • All Sessions with Physiotherapists trained as Running Coaches
  • Follow Up Appointments & Client Pathway
  • Clear Return to Run Programme & Ongoing Management


Initial Assessment: £82

Follow Up: £55 

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If you would like to take advantage of this option please send us an email on

Option 3: Online Nutritional Therapy

What You Get:

  •  Assessment Call
    Tell us what is going on and let us explain how we can help you.
  • FREE 15 minute Telephone Consultation 
  • Explore your medical history and health timeline to understand your current requirements.
  • Assess your physiology from presenting signs and symptoms, and any past medical testing in order to identify underlying imbalances.
  • Identify your health or performance goals
  • Suggest any relevant additional functional testing to obtain updated information
  • Recommend personalised nutrition and dietary changes to optimise nutrition and address nutritional deficiencies
  • Provide menu plans relevant to your specific dietary needs
  • Suggest behavioural changes and lifestyle management through achievable goal setting and identification of challenges and barriers
  • Targeted supplement programme, where necessary, to address deficiencies beyond the levels that may be obtainable from food alone


Initial Assessment: From £120

Follow Up: From £80

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