Running Evolution: Build Dynamic Hip Strength for Running

Nov 2, 2018

Is your hip range holding back your running speed?
So have spent all week sitting at the desk? Maybe you are now sitting in a car travelling for Easter? Are you hoping to get a run in this weekend, maybe a test run or timed run? How do you think your body will react. Think about the positions you have spent most of your week in;

Primarily sitting at a desk all week not really moving much, outside a lunch run or quick gym session. Did they include a warm up or stretch afterwards?

Secondly your running position, standing up, everything straight and elongated, for the first time this week. What could go wrong?

Hopefully you are seeing the picture now. We need to assess and retrain our hip movement to make sure your body can deal with the load we are demanding of it. Can you actually achieve the correct position for running? If so can you do it easily and then can you get hip extension at pace then required. This translates to you as movement efficiency, which becomes how easily can you perform the skill of running.

If this is a problem area then completing these exercises will make a huge difference and you will notice it over a 4-6 week period. There is not quick fix to changing how muscles do there job, you need to stick with the training programme.

Just in Case You Missed the previous Running Hip Videos
Here is the link to the first video in the series. Assess your hip flexion control again and see if this is an area you need to address, if it is you have a plan. Get to work you will notice the difference in a couple of weeks.

In case you missed it here is a review of the restriction blog, showing you how to address those tightnesses that build up form training and daily life. Remember everyone this is just to help allow range to develop, it is the muscle retraining that allows you to keep the range and move forwards.

Maximise Your Foam Rolling Strategy
Enjoy finding out how your hips move and seeing if this is an area you can address to help your running speed. If you sit at a desk, and have been for a number of years there is a great probability that this is an area you will need to address; if not for your running for your hip health.

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