Building Leg Strength for Running Speed.

Mar 29, 2018

The essentials for you to smash your season ahead.

Today we focus more on leg endurance strength. Generally in terms of running (& stair climbing) there is a huge need to develop the dynamic strength. However strength comes in many formats and today we look at some endurance strength development. So get your dumbbells ready…

So work on sets of;

5 reps: 5 reps: 2 reps x3 sets of each. Build to 10:10:4 as you develop strength.

The weight will depend on your strength and fitness levels so start light and build this too, even 2 kgs is going to challenge you.

When: After a training session – Run or Stair Climbing

How often – x2 per week for 8 weeks will see a huge development of leg strength.

Enjoy your training.