Why is Hip Activation Work Important?

Mar 5, 2018

In the modern world of computers most time is spent sitting, then we head home to sit and eat, read and watch TV. Our bodies are designed to move. Plus we are increasingly keen and understand the importance of a good exercise regime for our health and well being.

The problem is all this sitting means our gluts are in a long and lengthened position for the majority of the day. So why is this a problem? Essentially over time our muscles adapt to the stresses placed on them, hence the wonderful quote fomr the world leading Shirley Sahrmann;

Musculoskeletal pain syndromes are seldom caused by isolated precipitating events, but are the consequences of habitual imbalances in the movement system.’ Sahrmann

I accept the back problems are the leading pain complaint around the world, however we should consider how this happens and why. Too often in clinic I see hip stuck in flexion (bend at the hips) from sitting all day at desks. Yes I can hear the comments on training at the gym however again the new HITT obsession is feeding the problem with our time spent squatting and deadlifting this only feeds the same movement pattern.

Now what we have here is the best way to complete your glut activation work so your target the lateral gluts over the hip flexors, switching these muscle son for your exercise. It does not matter if you are running, about to start a gym session, completing a home exercise programme. You should want to get this right to help you body move better and maximise your training session.

Enjoy your training people.