Is hip pain getting you down?

Jun 10, 2019

Hip pain is an increasing problem in modern society. It can be debilitating and prevent weight bearing, walking and being able to do daily activities.

There are many potential reasons for this issue to start, maybe partly due to the fact we do not squat through full range for our hip health enough, maybe for the younger population the obsession with hip hinge movement patterns, the fact we spend increasing hours sitting, or have we just lost hip extension due to the movements we undertake on a daily basis?

The main point is it is a problem and should be addressed for the best treatment pathway. With the low back and pelvis also able to refer pain to this region you need to understand if it is your hip that is driving the pain you are experiencing.

We trust this video will help you understand your pain more effectively and led you to sourcing the professional assessment required to help get you moving again.

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