Triathletes: Use this time to Build Your Running Form

May 24, 2020

The 2 Key Running Faults that could be Adding Time to your Race

We are in a rare situation where runners from multi event sports actually have time to train without the overload of races during the summer months. Many triathletes have a short window to really build their technical side of training for the events they undertake, especially when you consider the swimming and running legs where technique is king. That is not to take anything away from cycling which is also very technical once you get to certain level and are looking for more gains.

We have a host of videos that take you through the basics of your running technique and can help you start to build your running form for improved efficiency, which without a doubt in the long term builds a faster runner.

You need to work on your foundation elements;

Stamina – building both your cardiovascular base & speed endurance through intervals

Technique – understanding and changing your running form for efficiency

Stability – rotational control of your joints to control landing and push off effectively

Mobility – basically your flexibility, if poor it adds resistance to your run

Strength – tissue tolerance and muscle strength for endurance sports to avoid injury

Today we look at an triathlete and ironman who is looking to improve his technique, we focus on the common issues of over-stride creating lean forward, which can set off a breaking mechanism with each and every stride. Then review the effect of toe pointing during the heel lift phase, our calves are important to stabilise and help as speed improves for the dash for the line however during longer distances we need to have effective gluts and hamstrings to work effectively through the hips.

Like everything in life coaching and training can change habits and improve technical skills. Result come through time and effort to want to change, so you are only as restricted as your thinking.

Build A Better Multi Sport Athlete