4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Run

May 22, 2020

Got into Your Running during Lockdown? How are you moving though?

It is great to see so many runners out on the streets enjoying the chance to get fit through running, plus it is a sensational way to lose weight.

However, as with everything, we am keen to see you maximising your potential and enjoyment of running and too often I have seen runners moving in this way. The problem will not come through immediately however your risks are;
Ankle Tendon Issues
Jarring through your Back & Hips or Knees

Plus it is surprisingly tiring to run this way it takes a lot of energy to run this way, essentially your body is stopping you with each stride.

So for your health and fitness, and because you will enjoy your running more try these quick tips;

1. Dynamic Warm Up for 5-8 minutes first – heel flicks, high knees, side shuffles

2. If you are starting out on your running journey it is not a bad thing to walk, so stop occasionally and walk for 1-2 minutes. It will help your fitness.

3. Change your running speeds, vary your run in terms of distance and speed, completing the same run at the same speed everyday is a sure fire way to end up with an injury. Intervals are hard but have great benefits.

4. Try to pick your pace up for short bursts of 30 seconds, it will naturally improve your leg cycle and help improve your fitness too.

Happy Running Everyone

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