2 Key Reasons Why Interval Training Is Essential For Runners

Jan 30, 2024

Use Interval Training to Boost Tissue Tolerance and Safeguard Your Run

Are you challenging yourself with your current training routine?
If you’re noticing that your performance is beginning to plateau, interval training may be what is missing from your routine and preventing your from taking your running to the next level.
Many runners tend to stick to a monotonous routine, running at the same pace for the same duration. And it is great to get there and keep consistency with your running programme.
But by adding interval training into your sessions, you will be able to build your endurance, significantly improve your performance by adding power to your stride and reduce the risk of your sustaining an injury.
Interval training is a dynamic approach to running that involves alternating between short bursts of high-intensity running and easier running for recovery throughout the workout. Simply going for regular long-distance runs a few times a week may not be sufficient for building running endurance. Training consistently at one speed, one weight, and one distance leads to minimal improvements. To enhance your running performance, it’s crucial to introduce variety to your routine, such as incorporating sprints, uphill running, and other challenging elements.
By subjecting your muscles, joints, and tendons to different stress levels during intervals, you effectively enhance their tolerance to the demands of running. Your body will adapt and the tissues to become more flexible and resilient. This variation helps strengthen the muscles required to propel you forward with each stride and add power to your runs.
Building tissue tolerance through interval training also helps to protect you from injuries. Running at a constant pace for extended periods increases ground contact time, putting prolonged stress on joints and tendons. This heightened stress can lead to overuse injuries, affecting your form and hindering your progress. Boosting your tissue tolerance safeguards you against the repetitive strain associated with constant-paced running.
Watch our latest video from Founder, Mr Paul Goss to find out more on why you need interval training.

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