Mastering Forefoot Running: Safeguard Your Knees and Run Injury-Free!

Sep 8, 2023

Is forefoot running better for your knees?

There has been a lot of talk surrounding this question, with many runners ditching the heel strike in favour of the forefoot.

And it is true that heel strikers do have a greater chance of developing hip and knee injuries – will forefoot running really protect me?

As with most things, technique is the key factor to determining which running style is better.

One big problem you can face when trying to change to forefoot running is landing too far in front of yourself. And even though you have now moved to forefoot running, landing too far ahead can cause the overloading and stress to the knee that you were actively trying to avoid.

Watch our latest top tip that demonstrates how to run on your forefoot correctly to avoid putting yourself at risk of developing injuries.