How Important Is A Running Warm Up?

Nov 15, 2022

Can a simple warm up drastically improve my running session?

It can be easy to disregard a running warm up. When you put on your trainers ready to leave the house and raring to go for your run, you just may think it just isn’t worth wasting a few minutes getting a warm up in. Or you may not know exactly how to do an effective warm up, so you would rather get on with your run. But running warm ups are the most crucial aspect of your training that should not be missed. If you are struggling to know what a running warm up session should look like, we have listed 3 things that are essential to include.

1. Elevate heart rate – in order to prepare your body

2. Focus on your own mobility – Know what your restrictions are. This way you can narrow down exercises that target these specific areas

3. Activate those muscles that we use to run – such as hips, glutes and deep calf muscles


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Prepare your body to Build Your Running Performance


Harriet Kabe