Top Tips for Buying Running Trainers

Nov 10, 2022

How to pick the best trainers to aid your running

How do I know what running trainers to buy? Does it matter what shoe I pick? How much will my trainers influence the way I run?

Getting the right trainers can be very confusing. With the market being the way it is, we are constantly bombarded with new information about why this certain shoe will make you the best runner you could possibly be. In this way, it can be hard to know what is best for you. Despite many online discussions about what the best trainers are to make you an incredible runner, the reality is your trainers are a small influence on your running when compared to more important aspects, such as your movement patterns and running form.

Nevertheless, having a good pair of comfortable trainers can aid your running. We are all individuals at different places in our running journeys that can affect the way that you run. As such there is no one size fits all on what trainer will suit you best. For example, the type of trainer you would need as a beginner vs a seasoned runner will be vastly different. Depending on whether you are short or long distance, take a faster or easier pace can also impact the type of shoe you need based on what you need it for.

To help you figure out how to choose your next running shoe, this week’s top tip gives you 3 things to do or consider when you are out trying to get your new pair.


Harriet Kabe