Boost Your Stride: Strengthen Your Glutes for a More Efficient and Injury-Free Run!

Nov 16, 2023

Strengthen Your Glutes with This Simple Exercise!

Are you experiencing tight hamstrings, lower back pain, or a decline in your running performance? It might be time to pay attention to your glutes. These powerhouse muscles play a crucial role in your running mechanics, and if they’re not activating properly, it could be affecting more than just your stride.

Glutes are immensely important for your running and can generate great power in your stride. They act as the primary stabilisers that support your entire lower body.

Weakness in this area can create a chain reaction of issues throughout your entire leg, from the hip, knee, ankle, down to the foot, which can increase your chances of developing an injury. Your body will try to compensate for this weakness, causing other muscles to take on more workload meaning that you can’t run as efficiently. For example, if you find yourself becoming quad-dominant, with your quadriceps doing most of the work, it’s a red flag that your glutes need attention.

And we have got just the thing to get your started. Watch the video where we take you through a simple, yet effective single leg exercise that you can easily add into your routine and get those glutes going!


Remember, a strong foundation leads to a powerful stride. Don’t let weak glutes hold you back. Take the first step towards a becoming a better runner!