Back Pain Breakthrough: Improve Your Running Form for a Painless Workout

Nov 23, 2023

A Runner’s Guide to Back Pain Relief

Experiencing persistent back pain during your runs? The culprit may not be your mileage or the intensity of your runs but rather your running form, particularly in the lower back region.

Tight hips play a significant role, limiting your ability to achieve full hip extension during each stride. When you can’t bring your leg back far enough, the body compensates by arching through the lower back, leading to increased stress on muscles and compression of the joints.

Our latest video explains why you may be experiencing back pain during your runs, emphasising the critical connection between running form and discomfort. We demonstrate how certain movement patterns can contribute to pain and share an effective pre-run exercise designed to enhance your body awareness and prevent over-arching in the lower back

Join us as we break down the mechanics and offer practical solutions to ensure your runs are not only enjoyable but also pain-free.