Are You Twisting when Running?

May 20, 2022

What are the Performance Effects & Injury Risks of Crossing the Midline when Running?

There are two main areas that twisting can occur;

  1. Tightness related issues, through primarily the mid back region leading into the shoulder girdle and secondarily this can be driven by restrictions through the hip area.
  2. Related to poor core control affetcing your abiliity to control the core leads to excessive rotation through the legs and arms to compensate.

Our Foundation Assessment is a great way to understand how you move and if restrictions or stability are driving your twist when you are running. This will allow you to address these issues and improve your running form.

Changing your training to reduce your twist will give you two obvious benefits moving forwards, reduced injury risk which every runner should be focused on while the second beneift will be in your performance through reduced energy leakage, more drive in the direction you are trying to go when you are running as opposed to twisting and your energy being directed across your body.

Make your Change Today & Build A stronger Athlete