Foundation running assessment

This assessment is designed to help you identify your current strengths and weakness. By building an improved understanding of how your body moves we can help you target the right training areas to improve your health, fitness and most importantly running form. The programmes that you follow will connect well with your running programmes, whether you are following on of our training plans or your own running programme. The idea is to build your foundation and create a better base.

During the assessment you will be tested on the five key foundations of your running which include mobility, stability, strength, stamina and technique. Individually these areas allow us to evaluate the areas that need most attention for your training and will create simple programmes for you to follow each week before you re-assess and build your next phase. The concept is simple and will guide you through so you can build a better athlete, whether that is for your own health and well being or because your goal is to smash your 10k time, or train for your first marathon.

For those with performance driven goals there is a Running Performance Assessment that will take you to the next level. However our team strongly recommend you get your Foundation right first to achieve the best results long term.