Why your Running Efficiency is important for Running Performance

Nov 2, 2017

How do you analyse where your running form is right now? Why would you care? Running is one of the simplest forms of training for our busy lives.

Unfortunately all too often not enough work is put into the technical side of training and improving the movement patterns to make sure we achieve the results we are after without sustaining injuries along the way.

Take a look here at two basic but common movement issues and how they can be changed for the better, with good coaching and technique practice. The first is heel hieght through the back of the leg cycle, the key being time on the gound is wasted energy and loading for your tissues. It can be hard to assess this yourself easily as our picture image of how we move cna be very different to our actual pattern for running.

Secondly look at your body postion. Generally where we land can be dictated by how we move, and how we spend most of our day which unfortunately more often than not is sitting. This affects where we land and leads to overstriding, creating more braking force and energy usage during our runs.

How do you help , well you can start with heel flicks at the start of your run during the warm up phase (too many people skip the warm up for running to their own detrement). Along with this more strength work after runnign will help, pick 2-3 key areas to work on however a lunge staying upright is generally a good exercise to add to your routine.

Enjoy your running more & Build A Better You