Unlock Your Running Potential with Stronger Core & Better Form!

Jul 25, 2023

Improve your running efficiency and reduce strain on your body

In today’s video, we will introduce simple yet effective exercises to strengthen your core and improve stability while running. By addressing these weaknesses, you can enhance your running form and optimize your energy expenditure for better overall performance.

The way you swing your arms while running can reveal potential weaknesses in your form. A proper arm swing involves maintaining a 90-degree angle with your arms moving from chin to pocket. It’s important to swing your arms backward, not outward, and initiate the movement from your shoulders, not your elbows. Keep your hands relaxed throughout the motion.

Excessive arm movement across the front of your body can lead to a sideways rocking motion while running. This rocking indicates that your core may not be strong enough to provide adequate support. As a result, there’s an increased rotation in your lower body, torso, and back, placing extra strain on your spine. Moreover, this inefficient arm swing style can drain more energy as you end up using sideways momentum instead of propelling your body forward effectively.