The Crucial Role of Hip Abductors

Aug 31, 2023

Stretch Your Hip Abductors for Peak Performance

The hip abductor muscles, play a critical role, yet underrated role in running. They provide balance, stability, and efficient movement by controlling the pelvis and thigh bone during each step. These muscles are essential for maintaining stability, absorbing impact, and ensuring forward propulsion without unnecessary lateral movement (moving side to side) in the hips and knees.

When your hip abductors are tight, they can have a detrimental effect on your running stride. In this scenario, your legs tend to be pulled together, causing you to run with a narrower base. In other words, your feet might land closer to the centreline of your body and potentially even cross over each other.meta

If your hip abductors are weak, it can cause increased stress on your lower spine and pelvis as you are not stable enough to stop you moving side to ride as you run – putting you at greater risk of developing an injury and impacting your running performance.

Today’s video discusses the importance of stretching your hip abductors and demonstrates a great exercise to add into your routine.