Take a Step Towards Better Running: How Walking Can Boost Your Performance!

Apr 28, 2023

Walk your way to better running 


If you’re looking to improve your running performance, walking can be an excellent addition to your training routine.

Walking can provide numerous benefits that can improve your running training. First, walking is an excellent way to improve your endurance without putting too much stress on your body. This can ultimately reduce your risk of injury and help you build up your cardiovascular fitness over time.
Another benefit of walking is that it can help you build back your range of motion, especially in your hip. When you sit for extended periods, your hip is in a flexed position, which can hinder your running performance since your hip needs to be in an extended position when you run. Walking regularly can help you build back that range of motion in your hip without putting too much stress on your body, which can prevent injuries.
Moreover, a walk-to-run program is a great way to gradually build up your endurance and prepare your body for running. Walking is an effective way to warm up before a run and cool down after a run, which can help your body recover and prepare for your next workout.