Find your running partner & stay motivated this winter

Dec 9, 2022

Finding you Accountability Running Partner


For anyone from a novice to an experienced runner, we all struggle to keep ourselves motivated and on track for our goals. Having someone hold you accountable is a fantastic strategy for goal setting and achievement.



It may sound a bit harsh to be ‘held accountable’ but it’s not to be confused with having someone tell you off when you decide you were just a bit too tired to head out for your run today. It’s about having a group of likeminded people all experiencing the ups and downs of motivation to encourage you to keep going and make your goals! Especially as a new runner, it can be a bit daunting to make these big goals and feel like everyone else is somehow ahead of you in their training. But when you surround yourself with others you will realize you all can relate to each other’s experiences. Having a community of runners is a great place to get tips, gain encouragement to keep going and celebrate your wins!

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