Ankles – Power Every Stride

Sep 21, 2021

Welcome to the Power Every Stride series on the foot and ankle. The series takes an in depth look at the anatomy and biomechanics around the foot and ankle and how these areas, when not functioning well can affect your running. The key is once you understand the area better and then can test and understand how you move in this area then you can begin to address underlying risk factors for injury prevention or look at strength and stability issues that may affect your performance and build these into strengths.

Enjoy the Ankle & Foot – Power Every Stride Series

Video 1. Introduction to Ankle & Foot Series 

Video 2. Understanding the Anatomy – Build a better understanding of the make up of your foot and ankle and how it can affect your running form.

Video 3. Common Injuries around the Ankle & Foot – There can be hundreds of different injuries in this region and if you are having problems you may want to try out injury management system, or speak to an expert to find out your individual issues. Here we take you through the common injuries we see day in day out and help you understand why they can occur, building knowledge to understand and prevent common injury issues.

Video 4. Injury Risk or Power Leakage in the Foot & Ankle – Your foot is at the bottom of a long chain however if it is not stable at the right time, and not mobile at the right time it can affect the whole chain above. So your foot and ankle can create issues that don’t just remain in the local area but travel up your leg and into your back and beyond.

Video 5. Testing for the Ankle & Foot – Understanding how you move we put your though the testing to understand your stability in the region, your strength and then your dynamic strength. This will allow you to adapt the exercises to make sure you are watching for the correct faults in your foot and maximising your gains for the retraining process bult to target this region.

You will now have received an email with your first set of exercises to get you working towards stronger ankle and foot stability for your running performance. Good luck and enjoy the journey.