Why is my Running Form the key to unlocking my Running Potential?

Nov 30, 2021

Overview of the main Running Forms

Building your running form is a key element to improving your running efficiency and in the long term your running speed. Today we look at an overview of the main types of coaching techniques for running form that are taught around the world right now. As with everything in life these tend to go in phases of popularity however it is important to remember that the basics of good form are an essential part of your training.

Firstly, good form means you will be landing in a good place, be that mid foot or heel strike, with good leg cycle your foot will be relatively neutral at impact. The benefit to you is a reduction in your injury risks through reduced time on the ground and loading. As we are all to aware loading tends to flow up the chain so the effects on your hip extension, general posture and arm drive will all help to decrease loading on tissues from your running sessions.

Secondly, good form means you are improving your efficency of running. That means you are not leaking energy while out running, and comes from a combination of movement patterns and dynamic strength. A combination of technique work as part of your training week and mixed training sessions will help you achieve both of these, although there are plenty of options to improve these areas outside of running too.

Finally, and if you are in any form of race mode, working on your running technique can help you improve your performance. Holding your form for longer, allowing you with your training programme to improve running speed. Effectively run faster for longer.

Over the coming weeks we will dive a little further into the different techniques out there but to get started here is a great overview of the main running techniques being taught. Remember form is built and with work it is maintained.

Happy running