What is the right exercise programme to strengthen your back?

Nov 2, 2017

How we move is individual to us. Yes there are patterns that we see occur however the influences of the outside world mean our bodies all adapt in different ways too stress and load, and how we make sure our bodies can deal with the movement tasks placed in front of us. It requires an individual to assess and evaluate how you move, your specific loading issues and recruitment strategies to understand and plan the correct programme for your body.

Movement is unique, stabilising muscles in the presence of pain or abnormal stress will tend to switch off creating movement issues. The strong gym muscles or mobilisers then switch on to assist in the movement management creating tension or tightness. Your programme needs to evaluate which muscle need what work before you go and feed more load into a stressed system. Think of going to the gym before breakfast, then again at lunch and again after supper. It is too much fo rthe system to take, you are overloading the roles of the different muscles, fatigue brings injury.

To remain active and enjoy your training and improve your performance or to remain active in your life, movement screening is a great way to assess your current state or Movement Health. Find out more about movement screening and the benefits for you.

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