Want to be quicker? Get Working on the Hips!

Dec 3, 2019

Today we take it up a notch. I would suggest you complete a good 6-8 weeks of the low impact dynamic work before you progress to this next level – but it is here and ready when you are.

Getting light on your feet is one thing, developing the strength and power through your full hip range is another. This session will be a great session finisher or again could work following a run session (not an interval).

The best way to push training is to find a suitable partner, not only will they push you through the session but they will also help motivate you to get outside and train.

Again try to remember your form, if it is failing (your partner can help here) then stop the set. You are better to work at pace, with great intent but stop when you lose this. Stay light and quick – your body will respond the same way to activity.

Again I would complete 3 sets at each exercise, rest 1-2 minutes and then move onto the next exercise. They are designed to increase in load and intensity, finishing with a dynamic sprint to fire everything together. Work in 15-20second blocks.

Become Dynamic

**Soon to follow – hip mobility, rolling and stretching work. Your hips can only be as powerful as the range you give them!***