Triathlete Issues – Performance Energy Wasted

Nov 2, 2017

Make the Most of Your Triathon Event
All the multi sport events have one common theme. They all involve running, a movement we all accept as a normal, easy thing to do. Do not be fooled. Running is a highly skilled technical movement pattern. If it is a skill then it can be learnt, and trained.

Why? If it is a movement skill moving efficiently will improve perfomance OR make a tough event easier. Understanding the basics is simple and then changing the training to develop the correct movement patterns is more simple that you would realise. Simply twisting while you run is an energy leak. If you run like this then simple changes and understanding of the problems can change your times. It doesn’t matter if you are starting out or aiming for a new PB or age group times. There is always room for technical improvement. Why do all runners have coaches?

Build A Better You. Understand the ability you have and unlock that potential.