The Performance Matrix – How is your body coping?

Nov 2, 2017

The Performance Matrix takes an individuals movement & function of their body’s muscle and joint control to a new level allowing a tailored programme to be designed. This results in big gains in terms of performance and injury prevention.

The Movement and Performance Screening System is a unique and simple tool, which evaluates movement control in individuals. This online-based screen provides a quick and effective method to identify the site of uncontrolled movement (UCM), or the weak links in your body, and even the performance assets in every individual.

With the use of The Performance Matrix we are able to assess the body under low and high threshold movements and identify high risk areas in need of work or rehabilitation, hopefully prior to an injury occurring.

What is The Performance Matrix?

Simply it is TEN movement tests to assess the strength and control of muscles for normal movement patterning.
Five test are aimed at low threshold motor control and five which test for control under load, in effect the strength component; the last five tests are the high threshold component. The total score is 50, the more weak links or uncontrolled movement patterns found, the higher the score. The optimal result is of course 0.

The Performance Matrix screening protocol provides the possibility to identify uncontrolled movement in more detail than just observing a disruption in movement control. Through testing involving multi joint movements at the same time it is possible to identify:
1: Where the uncontrolled movement occurs (site)
2: In which direction the uncontrolled movement occurs (e.g. flexion, extension, right rotation)
3: If the problem is related to motor control (low threshold) or to strength (high threshold).

The results from this assessment give specific information about the UCM in terms of joint localisation (site) direction and threshold. The advantage being that
1. The user can then design a training programme which is highly specific to the client.
2. Athletes can reach positive results faster with fewer specific exercises.
3. Not only to identify assets in current training programmes but also to minimise risk for injury and injury recurrence.

Who is it suitable for?
Individuals wanting to improve results, sports such as triathlon, running, swimming
Any multi-directional sports such as rugby, football, hockey
Teams wanting to improve individual aspect of training to pull results along
Teenagers wanting to identify weak areas to avoid injury and improve training

We are pleased to be able to offer The Performance Matrix assessment system at our clinics so please call if you think you or your team might benefit from improved training guidance and understanding of the weak links in your body.

Train Better!