The 2 main causes of Runner’s Knee

Mar 9, 2023

Understanding Knee Pain from Running

It is common for many runners to experience knee pain, making it the most probable area of injury for runners. Runner’s Knee can be simply described as knee pain, but the location of the pain plays a significant role in determining the required treatment plan and long-term success.

There are two distinct types of Runner’s Knee:

The first is related to the iliotibial band (ITB), where pain is felt on the outer side of the knee, just above the lateral bony point.

The second is patellofemoral pain, which is felt at the front of the knee, beneath the kneecap.

Both of these issues are tendinopathies caused by changes in loading and the biomechanics surrounding and affecting your knee joint. It is crucial to understand this distinction to address your Runner’s Knee pain and know how to treat it.

What has triggered this pain? What does it signify for your recovery?

If you experience any discomfort while running, it is critical not to overlook it. Seeking an assessment and addressing the issues early on can assist you in returning to your beloved activity sooner and preventing further damage to your knee.

Build a Stronger Knee for Running.

Harriet Kabe