Running Preparation Warm Up – Be Ready to Run

Mar 27, 2020

Kick Start Your Running Session

Absolutely fantastic to see so many people out running and enjoying this great activity as a way to stay fit during these troubled times. Running Evolution fully support the idea and we are keen now to make sure you;

Keep on Running

Stay Fit

Get Stronger

Build Your Running Form

This all starts with your warm up, so we have put together the 5 best exercises for a runner to complete before they head out on the road. Fire your muscles up, get them ready and prepared for the challenge ahead.

Complete these before any run – 30 seconds each side generally, 20 seconds for jumping and 10-15 for hopping.

Finish by heading outside and completing a short section of 10 metres for heel flicks, high knees, side shuffles and cross overs – then get running. You will notice the difference immediately.

Build A Better Runner