Running Performance Assessment

This assessment is designed to help you to identify and elevate your performance results through targeted training. By building an improved understanding of how your body moves when training for performance gains, we can help you target training. The programmes that you follow will connect well with your running programmes, whether you are following one of our training plans or your own running programme. The idea is to lift your performance and help you achieve your running goals and race targets.

During the assessment you will be tested on the five key performance indicators of your running which include dynamic control, recovery, dynamic strength, stamina and nutrition. Individually these areas allow us to evaluate the areas that need most attention for your training and will create simple programmes for you to follow each week before you re-assess and build your next phase. The concept is simple and will guide you through so you can build a stronger runner.

It is advisable that you only complete this assessment if you have completed the Foundation Running Assessment and undertaken the training to improve your base level, or you scored particularly well, train regularly and have been doing so for at least the past six months. Too often runners are keen to progress before the correct base is in place which holds them back at later stages in their training plan.