How do I maintain good Running Form on my Slow Runs?

Aug 19, 2022

What is the key to Understanding good Running Form & How should I incorporate this into my Slow Runs?

Today we look at a much asked about issue. Maintaining good form while out on a slow, base building run. The essentials need to be in place, and so that means you need ot have a good understanding of runnign form and technique and feel comfortable with those changes. The concept needs to be in your neural pathway, so it is a habit to run well.

A summary of the basics would be;

  1. Arms – nice relaxed swing with elbows at 80 degrees and movement at the shoulder
  2. Torso – stay tall throughout, with an engaged core to help the arms and legs have a stable base to fire off
  3. Legs – good leg cycle with hip extension, knee and heel lift and then dropping the foot back underneath you

Simple right, yes if you have practised it and it is a habit. I would always start there, but today we are look at the slow run. The problem here is that many runners fall into bad habits when they are out on slow runs. They move to a shuffle running form, spend more time on the ground increasing injury risk and although great for their CV system their body is suffering as a result of the training.

So taday we lok at what you should be doing, and why, to get your form right. The clue is found in the Chi Running teachings, a great for to use when out using slower base building training sessions. Make this simple change today, everyone cna do this right now and it will help you;

  1. Spend less time on the gorund
  2. Maintain your running form at any speed
  3. Make your slow runs lighter and more enjoyable
  4. Reduce your injury risk

What is not to like on that list.

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