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If you’re ready to start your running journey then you’re in the right place! Select your preferred distance below to take our training quiz and we’ll send you a running programme that’s appropriate for your level and goals.

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Improve Training to Improve Results

If you are working towards improved performance then you need information that will help you achieve better results. Simple easy to put into action changes that will allow you to make the small percentage changes to improve your running performance and help you achieve your running goals.

Injury Management

Injury Management – What is that injury?

Being injured as a runner is no fun at all. Not understanding what the injury is and what you should do about it becomes a huge frustration, one that affects many runners. Our injury management system will take you through the key questions to help you get to the bottom of your injury diagnosis. Armed with that information you can start to improve your management plan and get back to the sport you enjoy.


The Running Logic Exercise Series

Looking to improve your running by developing your strength, stability or mobility? The Running Logic video exercise series is for you.

Power To Run Series

As an advanced runner client you will have different requirements, with a good chance your driving force is performance improvement. This is where Power to Run can help you find the small changes that can drive your running to a new level. There will be a growing number of areas of the body or training to focus on to help you achieve your goals. Our team will help you understand the anatomy and biomechanics more fully before we dive into efficiency of running and specific testing for the region involved. You will then be taken through a training programme to help improve engagement of the area involved. The end result, A Stronger More Efficient Runner