Foam Rolling – The name is mis-leading.

Nov 2, 2017

This short series is designed to blow away some of the myths surrounding using a foam roller, educate you into the best times and ways to maximise your time using your foam roller at home. This will allow you to be effective, maxise your benefits and enjoy your training.

Use your foam roller effectively and you will really notice the difference during your sessions.

Don’t spend hours working up and down every muscle in your leg when using the foam roller. Identify the problem areas and release the tension.

Should you use your foam roller before you train or after you train. Find out the correct answer and understand why.

Should you be rolling on the foam roller? Interesting question, check the video series out to find the correct answer

If you are not sure which areas you need to focus on then get an expert to help guide you so you are effective with your time. Remember you need to work on activating the correct muscles to make sure you are not just removing your control strategy for an individual joint. Muscles work together to provide movement control and strength, amasingly the body will always find a coping strategy.

Release, Activate then Stabilise for Better Movement Health

Build A Better You in 2018.