Build Your Hip Strength for Long Term Healthy Joints

Oct 25, 2019


If hip pain and stiffness in the morning is causing you problems, and you find sitting in low seats an issue, or standing from long periods of sitting, then we have some fantastic exercises to help you build stronger hips.

During our hip focus over the next 5 weeks we will look at all issues around the hip from running to pain and injury, building strength and improving explosive strength for speed development in sport.

Today we look at the fundamental strength required for good healthy hips, often started too late with people who have potential hip issues. The research really backs building strength training into your routine for long term health – not massive weights but loading to build muscle strength in the right areas. Avoiding muscle wastage and deficients that can actually increase the load on the hip joint further.

Watch the first video for more information on understanding the hip movement issues that you may have. here we look at the exercises targeted to get the right muscles stronger.

Remember to find an expert if your symptoms do not resolve so you can find out more about your specific issue.

Build Stronger Hips