About running logic

Who Are We?

Running Logic is a flexible online support portal for a community of runners at every stage of their running journey. Delivered by a team of experts, including physiotherapists, nutritionalists and running coaches, Running Logic applies a holistic approach to build better runners.

The team, with a vast knowledge of running, aim to take you through a journey to help improve your understanding of the fundamentals of good running form, planning your training and identifying the key areas for you to focus on. We can help build stronger athletes, better runners who can work towards their training goals confidently.

how we help runners

Running has many benefits and each individual will be running for a different reason. It might be your fitness for another sport, maybe it is for your general health, some will use it as a mental release from the stresses of their daily routine.

The main objective for everyone is that when you are running you feel great and we want to add to that experience. Helping to make sure you understand how you move so you can maximise the benefits of your running sessions. Generally there are simple changes we can all make to improve our results, prevent injury and build a stronger runner. So we are bringing together the latest information to help you maximise your results.