About Injury Management

Injuries are a part of running we all have to accept. There are many different reasons that lead to injuries and in runners the most common area injured is the knee region, as it absorbs stress from above at the hip and pelvis region and below in terms of foot biomechanics. While there has been a big rise in tendinopathy injuries due to changes in footwear, biomechanical issues form office work and changes in training programmes that do not allow the body the time to adapt.

It is important to understand how you move and why you have suffered from an injury, aside from the obvious falling down a pothole in the pavement while out running. Let us help you manage your running injuries and niggles to get you into a better place.

Reasons for Running Injuries – Which category do you fall under?

There are many reasons that you may be suffering from a running injury. Many are obvious however there are surprises in this too. The more you understand about your body, how you move and the effects of different training programmes the sooner you can work to reduce your injury risk and enjoy your running.

Check out the common running injury causes below.

Get your Running Injury Assessment

The sooner you can identify the possible reason for an injury and what tissues are being affected you can start to get yourself the right injury management plan and work towards getting back out there enjoying your training again.

The main thing is we are here to support you in your journey. If you would like to discuss your injury with a physiotherapist, who has a background in running coaching and injury management then we can arrange an online consultation for you with one of our team members. Otherwise we strongly recommend that you follow up your results with a medical expert to put the best management pathway in place for your condition and to help you to work towards returning to your running when ready.